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2019 Tech Overview……

Welcome to 2020 everyone, phew we made it through another decade and everything seems to be still working ok. 

So what new technology did you take up in 2019, are you even aware that you have succumbed to technology without even knowing it. 

Last year we saw a huge jump in Artificial Intelligence (AI) both in the home and work place. Businesses introduced more ways for you to complete tasks digitally. Consumers took up the benefits of these by way of “automation” with smart home devices and smartphone personal assistants. 

Technology is all around us, even the public transport system has changed to make it easier for you to access your train/bus schedule. You even have the Mt Barker Council announcing an UBER type bus service. This is all possible by way of AI. 

The other big change most of you are still avoiding is “The Cloud”. More computers are coming out with smaller storage drives, this is because of the ability to utilitise storage in the Cloud. The benefit of having a Cloud account is that your data is backed up securely and should anything go wrong with your computer or you need to access something urgently but don’t have your computer you have access anywhere anytime (internet permitting) 

Virtual reality (VR)has been around for a while but more people have taken it up to help with training, educating, science and of course fun. It is amazing that you can put on a pair of goggles and feel like you are immersed by what you see. This is exciting technology and I look forward to seeing it develop and be utilitsed more by everyone. 

Cybersecurity is something that is forever evolving as technology grows and changes. More people are now aware of the need to incorporate the right protection to suit their computing/smartphone/tablet needs. One of the big pushes for 2020 will be Password Protection programs. These are great as we all have sooo many passwords we create and try to remember. It also gives you peace of mind and confidence moving forward with technology. 

People will always seem to be afraid of technology, however it is all around us in many ways now; main one being with banking. How many of you carry cash now-a-days? Technology is scary and I blame this on the rate of change. One day you go to the corner store to buy milk with cash and next you just tap your watch to pay.  

However technology is not a bad thing, it is actually helping humans improve the quality and processes to help eliminate future risks. It is helping you or others be able to control things in your home better. It is helping to create new jobs.  

Overall, 2019 saw some great new products introduced to both businesses and consumers. We hope you continue to explore what it out there. 

Remember to backup all your festive photo’s and video’s! 



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