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2020 CES highlights

At the beginning of every year all us geeks keep an eye out for what’s new to come in technology.  

Las Vegas hosts a huge Consumer Electronics Show ‘CES’ where hundreds of companies present and or pitch their new tech ideas to the world. It is a highly anticipated event and if you google CES highlights you can check out the daily reviews. 

To date the highlights have been from Samsung, who presented a new 8K bezel-less TV, Lenovo presented their new X1 Fold device and also their first 5G capable device. There has been so many new products announced and some really cool prototypes so far. Technology is about to jump ahead again. 

Some of the best products that have been presented are as follows: 

  1. Lenovo X1 Fold – this is a portable computer (notebook) that has a folding OLED screen. Basically, it is full touch screen device that folds in half like your current notebooks. The bottom half of the screen can be used as a digital keyboard. Price on these will be high, but then the specs are high end to match. 

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold 

  1. For those who love cooking there is a new device to come to market that will make it even easier for you. CookingPal Julia seems similar to a Thermomix but has the tablet to go with it. There are built in menu’s, tips and step-by-step videos. You can also control your device remotely so you can always be with your guests. 

  1. For those of you who have pets and have installed a dog door. Well now you can just let them use your normal door. Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door Opener will open from a smart tag on your pets’ collar. It is a self-install system eliminating the need to cut holes in your doors or glass. 

  1. For those who are car buffs and like to know what’s going on around their car a company showed off their new camera system for your car. Continental Transparent Hood, this is a multi-camera system that relays live video to a screen in your car, so you are aware of your surroundings at all times. 


These are just a few examples I picked from the daily reviews feeding through, but there are some really cool tech things to come and not just in the way of computers but in the way of daily devices to help EVERYONE. There was even a pair of glasses to help people with dyslexia in multiple languages. 

So why not Google CES 2020 reviews and have a read of some of the exiting new products about to be released overseas or some of the funky prototypes of those weird and whacky ideas. 

Embrace Technology, it is here to stay, and we should pick those things that will help us on our journey on this earth. Some will even help you to become more ecofriendly as well 😊.



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