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5 biggest tech trends for 2021

  1. Artificial intelligence – Data that is being collected daily around the globe is helping us to interpret and to understand the world better. Allow us to manage and even prevent the spread of infection. It will also allow us for better contact tracing and insights, that we as humans may never have noticed. 

  1. Robotics, drones and Vehicle automation - Public transport has been used heavily in the past. But with newer technology being developed every day, this can make our daily commute or even ordering that pizza that much better. By helping predict traffic and accidents enable the creation of alternative routes all with the use of a drone as a scout. 
    Assisted living will also be helped with the use of robotics, helping them connect with other members of the family and the community. With the higher risk of infection in the elderly, the use of face time and video calling increased dramatically. Also using robotic cleaners to help maintain the environment, needing less contact with staff. 

  1. Services like Google, Microsoft and Amazon - Providing cloud-based programs have become key in developing the workplace during the pandemic. Companies small or large have come to rely on having one place that is non-fixed for all of their data and communications. This section grew the most in 2020 and will likely continue to grow throughout 2021. 

  1. 5G availability - With cloud-based services comes the need to have a good connection to the outside world. With the launch of 5G this has never been faster. And yes, it’s great to have a stable connection when you are watching your preferred streaming service or online gaming. But this became crucial in the world once we all started to stay at home for extended periods of time. 

  1. XR and V - Virtual reality has been around for a few years now. Now that we are in a completely different era, where contact is limited as a necessity to prevent viral transmission. This has begun to shift. We have seen opticians conduct eye tests through VR. AR gives the customer a view of the ranges of frames on offer and even lets them try them on with their own face.  
    VR and AR will increase in the education sector also. Reducing or removing the classroom sizes. We are looking at getting real time notifications when we are in a zone that has previously been infected. Even just prompting us to wash our hands for longer or stopping us from touching our face. 

There are still lots of exciting things for come out of a very difficult pandemic situation. These will give us the potential to connect with others and with the world around us more. 


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