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Cloud based services

There are many different services that are moving to being ‘cloud based’. Cloud based services are simply a service that instead of being located on your hardware in your home. Is accessible remotely from a server of the service providers choice. It can also mean a providing of data storage, much like what your mobiles photos may already be backing up to. 

But what exactly does this mean? And it is better for you? 

This means that you require less storage space for programs on your computer and will have more room for your own photos, videos and documents. Some cloud-based services provide one location for storage of file. Making them easily accessible between locations and devices. Very handy if you are needing a document but have left you computer at home for example. And with the price of Solid State Hard drives still a tad high for a large amount of storage. The less programs you can have on your PC the better. 

Subscription based services require payment per month or year for access to a program or a storage system. Much like renting a storage unit. Or paying for a yearly antivirus program. 

We believe that Cloud based services are certainly the way to go for both home and for businesses. As it will require less at home or on-site hardware. Potentially lowering your costs. And if in the event of a loss your documents and programs will all be safe rather than being potentially destroyed. 


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