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Deb’s top 10 tips for Christmas

So with the silly season upon us we tend to resort to last minutes gifts and frantic shopping habits This leads to us missing the things needed to complete the gifts once open. 

These are the things you need to remember to do this Christmas so there are no tears or disappointments: 

  1. Buy batteries, have a bulk pack of different sizes. You might even receive a gift that requires them. 

  1. Cables, make sure you have the right cables to run the technology you bought.  

  1. Controllers, did you get one or two, make sure you have the right number otherwise someone is going to miss out. 

  1. You don’t always get the accessories, check that you don’t need a wifi dongle or SD card 

  1. Check that your internet account isn’t near its limits as new devices do take data to set up or that new game may need to download from the site. 

  1. Power boards with surge protection are a necessity at Christmas, we will be plugging in all those extra things. 

  1. Have a box or bag handy. You may want to collect all the warranty and instruction guides from the boxes. This way you will have easy access to them to register your warranties after Christmas when things calm down. 

  1. Maybe invest in a label machine, especially if you have bought tech toys for the kids (husband). That way you can tag them and their cables to stop the fights later when they get mixed up. 

  1. If you have purchased tech toys that require an app or software to be purchased, set up an account for that person. If you want to be super nice you can put a credit on their account. “Steam” is a great gaming site with a range of FREE and discounted games. 

  1. Last of all, make sure your kettle is working cause you will need it for that early morning cuppa to give you strength for the day ahead. 

Christmas is a great time to get together and have some fun. Try not to make your day to stressful, stop and take the time to enjoy the moments throughout the day. Make sure to capture them on your devices but don’t worry about posting everything straight away, compile a collage of your day and post later. This way you will be more focused on what is in front of you and will get to joy of remembering it all when you put the collage together. 

Be sure to be safe and if you are travelling, pack you charges, cables and backup devices. Parents travelling with kids, don’t forget the headphones, either for you to wear or the kids ♥ 

The team at iseek computing wishes everyone a safe and happy festive season.Christ



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