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Do you service your Computer?

Last time I discussed the importance of doing backups, this time I am going to make you think a little more about your computer itself. 

How important is your computer to you?  Do you depend on it every day? Do you power it up every time without a thought and just expect it to keep running day in day out without any ongoing care? 

To put it a little more in perspective you should think of your computer the same you do your car. You expect the same from your car every time you start it up, just to run, but you know that your car requires regular service to top up the oil and water.  Well your computer is the same, only it is more about testing the hardware and maintaining your software. 

Take a moment and think about how much it would inconvenience you if your computer decided to give out for the day. How would you cope without your computer if this happened? 

What about your Anti-virus? Windows Updates? Is your CD/DVD Drive working ok? Is your hard disk giving errors? Is your computer running slow? 

These sorts of questions are worth asking yourself from time to time, as it’s very easy to become complacent about your computer being a reliable tool that "just works" every day when you switch it on.  

To help keep things working consistently, you should treat your computer with care and have it serviced occasionally.  

So is your computer due for a service? 

Why don’t you contact your local computer store and organise to get those little things you are aware of sorted out and also to get a more technical insight into potential problems of the future. Maybe even see if your computer could be a lot faster with a cheap memory upgrade?  
We suggest at minimum a yearly check-up for your computer, to assure that it WILL switch on every time you want to use it. 

Again don’t hesitate to speak to your local computer specialist to help solve any of your computer needs. 


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