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EOFY Tech check

So, we are half way through 2020, and what a year it has been so far!

Being the end of the financial year, it is a great time to review your current technology needs and get them in shape for the next 12 months.

These are some of the things you should review:

1. Check your internet use, do you need to change your plan to suite you need going forward? Are more people at home using it so you need to jump up to the next level? Your internet may be running slow so you could get your provider to test it or use to test yourself. If you have older hardware you may want to look at upgrading your modem, so it picks up a better signal and has greater wireless reach.

2. Are you using all your data or are you going over your data limits, both at home or on your mobile device? Check with your provider to ensure you are on the best plan to carry out the tasks you need to do going forward.

3. Are you still paying for or receiving emails for digital subscriptions your signed up for? Check your email and click to unsubscribe or cancel from those you no longer need or want. This will help reduce clutter in your email. Also check that you aren’t paying for similar services, e.g. Spotify and Apple music. There are bundle packages out there chose the best one to fit your needs to help same some $$$.

4. Great time to do a backup, whether to the cloud storage (iCloud/Google Drive, etc) Time to declutter your devices so you can fill them up with new memories and more current files you need. If you use Google Photos you will be able to access them on any device.

5. Throw away old hardware, phones both analogue and mobile. Declutter your cables that you keep throwing in the box hidden in the wardrobe. The Windmill Hill Salvage Yard is an eWaste collection centre, so they get recycled properly.

We all get a little caught up with technology, it can’t be helped. Things seem to change so quickly now that we are always learning or seeing new things that supersede the ones we just bought. Its just good to try and stay on top of it all so it doesn’t build up and overwhelm us.

So, don’t hold back, start cleaning, renewing and declutter today!


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