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To go to a Touch Screen or not……?

One of the first questions our team at iseek computing ask a customer when looking at buying a new computer is “Do you want a touch screen?” 

The reason we ask this up front is it changes the devices we would recommend and it tells us how you plan to use your new computer going forward. 

Touch screens are everywhere, cars, phones, work and even on your fridge. You can’t escape the touch technology that has been brought upon us. 

Do you like touch capability devices or do you find them scary? I don’t know about you but I am drawn to touch screens but am conscious about how dirty they get and how hygienic they would be in public places. 

Anyway I digress, touch screens are the way of the future and we do need to embrace them, but what are the benefits of a touch screen over a standard screen? 

  1. Quicker as they allow direct interaction with the task at hand 

  1. You can program multi-touch gestures to suite your needs 

  1. You don’t need accessories to run your device 

  1. Easier to navigate between app’s/programs 

  1. Ability to convert a notebook to a tablet 

Apple really helped pave the way for touch screens with the introduction of the iPad. The scope of capabilities expanded when we realised how we could embrace the touch screen. Life seemed sooo much simpler, especially when paired with an app.  

I do believe to get the full benefits of touch screen devices it should be convertible so you have the option to flip (yoga) it to tablet mode. However it really is up to the individual as to whether their computers should have touch screen or standard screen. 

Generally if you do a lot of processing work/typing then a touch screen wouldn’t really be required but if you want to use it for social media, presentations, multi-tasking between app’s then think about upgrading to a touch screen device. 

The disadvantages of a touch screen is that they can use more power therefore drain the battery quicker than a standard screen computer. Touch screens will get dirtier so will need to be kept clean. They are also more expensive to repair should they get damaged as you generally need to replace both the touch panel and LCD panel (screen assembly) to repair as manufacturer’s make them as one part. 

So, for those who aren’t aware Microsoft will end all support for Windows 7 operating system January 14th 2020. So when you consider upgrading to a new device why not decide if you want to embrace the touch technology at the same time. 

The friendly team at iseek computing can help you get sorted and make the best decision whether it be for personal or business computing needs. 


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