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Have you compromised your computer?

Did you just give someone you don’t know remote access to your pc? What should you do next if you have? 

Recently we have seen an increase in jobs being booked in-store for devices that people have given remote access to a ‘spam caller’. 

Now we have all experienced in some way or another the ‘spam’ phone calls. But what makes these calls unique is the fact that they are now asking you to install a program (TeamViewer) so they can access your computer to show you the faults and get you to give them your credit card details. 

Now unless it is your Computer Tech, you should NEVER give ANYONE remote access to your computer. Essentially you are giving the person the ‘keys to your home’. Allowing them access to your device that has your private files, banking, passwords and social media accounts all potentially stored on it. If someone calls stating they are from a company you know or say that they know you have some malware on your computer just advise them you will take it to your local Computer store or simply hang up. 

So what should you do if you have allowed someone to ‘remote in’ to your computer?  

Firstly don’t panic, simply TURN OFF your computer. This will disconnect them from the internet which is allowing them the access to your device. 

Once you have done this discontinue use until you take it to your local Computer store to look it over and remove anything they ‘Spammers’ have installed in the background. 

Just remember, you control your data so don’t give this away to someone who calls you out of the blue.


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