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How to check if you have enough space?

Data, file, photos or videos, everybody is accumulating electronic data at fast rate. 

Would you know how much storage space you have left on your devices? 

How do you know you have enough space to save those all important holiday pics or videos? 

Well you can check your storage levels on your devices to see if you need to upgrade or if you need to cull some files. 

With a PC/computer you just need to go into the settings (gear icon) and click on ‘System’ then click on ‘Storage’ – This will show you how much data you have saved on your hard drive/s. If it is showing as being more than ¾ full then we recommend you click on ‘Free up space now’ this will run a quick scan on your computer and suggest what can be selected to be deleted. Read what it comes up with and put a tick in the box for those not automatically ticked. Click ‘Remove files’ and let the computer run its course, this may take a while depending on how much you have selected to delete. You can adjust the settings within “Free up space now” to suit your computing needs. 

Note that you should always do a regular backup of your computer to ensure you don’t lose any precious files.  

You can also keep track of your storage on your mobile phones and tablets:  

iPhone – go into ‘Settings’ (Gear icon) tap on ‘General’ tap on ‘iPhone Storage’ You will be able to see what is taking up what storage amount on your mobile. To make space you can go through and delete any apps no longer required.  

Android – go into ‘Settings’ (Gear icon) tap on ‘Storage’ you can tap on each section listed to see what is taking up the space. You can select which ones within the each one you want to remove. It is recommended that you clear your ‘Cached data’ -temporary files from downloads. 

We would recommend that you do a backup of your photos and maybe cull these to help clear some space if things are tight. 

Remember that this is electronic data and if you don’t have a copy saved external to your original device work/pics/files were created then you won’t have it if it is lost. We recommend that you look at cloud storage options. Microsoft Office 2019 annual subscription comes with FREE 1 TB cloud storage. This will work with Windows, Mac and Android devices. So there is no excuse not to have a backup somewhere of your data.


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