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How to choose the right PowerBank

So first off what is a “powerbank”? Portable powerbanks (as I like to refer to them) can also be known as battery packs, portable charges, fuel banks, pocket power cells and back-up charging devices which allow you to charge your device on the go. 

With most people now having a mobile phone or tablet of some sorts battery life is the next issue at hand. Although battery life has improved over the years for these devices our demand has increased also. 

With all the apps and functions we now utilize using our portable technology devices the battery life is being drained quicker. Whether you are just surfing the net or social media pages or listening to Podcasts or music, these all draw life from your battery. This is not taking into account the Android or iOS operating systems demanding some of the battery life to just stay operating for you. 

So with the increase in use means we are needing to turn to other backup solutions so that we don’t get caught out, especially when you are waiting on that all important call or SMS.

There are so many different brands, sizes and options in the market place how do you know which one will suit your needs? Well here is a little charge guide that can help:  

Bigger devices draw more power and will need larger powerbanks (mAh = Amp hours). Generally a quick go to powerbank is under 5,000 mAh for once off charge otherwise go up to 10,000 mAh powerbank if requiring multiple charges. 

The other thing to be aware of when choosing a powerbank, note what the output/input is on it. 1A or 2.1A, this denotes the maximum rate of charging amps. The higher the amperage the faster the device will charge if it is compatible. 1A mostly for smartphones and 2.1A for tablets in general, notebooks will need 3A and only those powerbanks that will charge these devices will have this option available. 

So with winter just around the corner it might be wise to invest in a powerbank or two in case of an unpredictable black out in your area. Note only that but maybe for your sanity. 

As always the friendly team at iseek computing can help you get sorted and make sure your computer in running at its optimum and your backups are sorted.


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