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How to get the most out of your Ctrl key

I have provided shortcuts before which included the most popular ones utilising the Ctrl key. Well there are plenty more helpful shortcuts using this key on your keyboard:

Last time I discussed the use of the Function keys, well today you will learn how to access hidden shortcuts using the Control key + other keys. To use these just simply hold down the Ctrl key and press the other key required to carry out the shortcut function your desire.

So more obscure commands are

Ctrl + Home key– will take you back to the start of the page/screen

Ctrl + End key will take you to the end of the page/screen

Ctrl + left arrow key – will let you skip to the beginning of the previous work. If you click it multiple times it will jump several words

Ctrl + Shift key + left or right arrow key will select the next or previous word

Ctrl + D key - will let you book mark the current web page

Ctrl + B – will let you view your list of bookmarked pages

Those of you who use a MacOS device these shortcuts will work if you replace the Ctrl key with the Apple Command or Option key instead.

Have a play with your computers, open a web browser or Word and see what shortcuts your can use to make life easier whilst computing.


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