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The best email tips around?

Frustrated with an overcrowded inbox? Keep missing those important emails amongst all the rest? Here are a few tips to keeping your inbox clean and manageable. 

Within Microsoft Outlook there is an option to create ‘Rules’, these are very useful as you can select a certain sender’s address, topic or key words to go straight into an alternate folder in your inbox. To create a rule you click with your right mouse button within Outlook, select rules and create a rule to help separate your incoming mail. For example, ‘Bills’, ‘Bank statements’ and ‘Family’. 

Delete it! If you do not action an email straight after reading then delete it. There is no use in keeping something that is not intended for a response or an action. 

Unsubscribe from any newsletters you do not read within 24 hours of receiving. Chances are you stumbled upon the website or company because you searched for them. Instead of receiving a handful of emails from a company or person you may never read and take time to delete; unsubscribe. If you’re looking for those emails in the future you can always just re-subscribe. 

Delete any spam email that may get into your inbox and add the sender to the blocked list. You can do this using your right hand button on your mouse, selecting junk and blocking the sender. If it is from someone you know, make them aware that they have spam coming from their mail box. It could be just as simple as the change of a password for them that ends the annoying emails sent out to everyone else. 

There are many more features to use in your Outlook mailbox. If you cannot find what you’re looking for under the right click button it could be in the task bar above the emails. If you still can’t find what you are after, we offer in store training on programs such as Outlook. Just give us a call to organise a booking.


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