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The end to Windows 7

So, for those who aren’t aware Microsoft will end all support for Windows 7 operating system January 14th 2020. 

What will this mean for those that have a computer with Windows 7 operating system running on it still? 

  • Well, your computer will become more vulnerable to security risks and malware 

  • bug-fixes and feature updates will no longer be issued  

  • You may start to experience issues when using other applications as the software developers for those products will also start to stop supporting their software on a non-supported operating system. 

  • For those of you who are also still using Internet Explorer, be warned as support for this too will end on the same date as it has the same life cycle as Windows 7 by Microsoft. 

What can you do to prepare for this? 

  • For those who run a business and have a Microsoft 365 Business account you will be able to update your device to Windows 10 Pro.  

  • If you don’t have Microsoft 365 Business account then the best option will be to look at buying a new computer which will have Windows 10 operating system on it.  

Note: You could potentially buy Windows 10 operating system, approx. $269, however not recommended if your device is older than 3 yrs. 

For those who can upgrade to Windows 10 on their computer, if you had attempted this previously when Microsoft first provided the FREE upgrade but it didn’t work or caused issues, then you will need to look at buying a new computer as well. This is because your computers hardware is too old to cope with the demands of Windows 10. 

When you change to Windows 10 operating system whether via upgrade or new device you will also need to look at using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for your web browsing going forward. 

So if you have an older computer running on Windows 7 I recommend that you make a plan to review your options. There is lots of new technology out there and depending on how you compute as to what device will be best suite you going forward. 

The friendly team at iseek computing can help you get sorted and make the best decision whether it be for personal or business computing needs.


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