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Google Search Tips

Carrying on from my last article, there are more ways to help you utilise Google Search better. 

I’m sure many of us have taken lots of pics of things we liked, plants, clothes, food, cars, etc. Have you ever thought to yourself how you would like to be able to find out more about that item. Well you can with your smart devices. 

Google lets you search by an image. That’s right it is clever enough to search the internet for similar images that matches yours. I think this is cool, especially if you don’t know anything about the item in the pic and want one! 

To do this from your computer just go into Google, click on “images” top left corner. This will change your search field to include a camera icon. Click on the camera icon and either paste the URL (web address of the image you found online or upload your image saved and Google will automatically search the internet for similar images.  

If you are on your Android phone or tablet open the Google App Google app then tap on ‘Discover’ at the bottom then in the search bar tap on ‘Google Lens Google Lens Now you will be able to search by either taking a photo or uploading an existing photo. To use your camera just point at the object you wish to search for and click search. To upload an existing photo, tap on ‘Gallery’ Gallery and select image from your album. If you have a white dot appear then you can circle the part of the image to help define the image search criteria. 

If you have an Apple phone or iPad you will need to install the ‘Google Lens’ App from the Appstore. Once you open the App you can click on the ‘Google Lens’ icon Google Lens which will make your camera active, simple point your device at the item and tap on the item on your screen you wish Google to search for.  

So when you are out in the garden or going for a walk next time why not try searching on a flower that takes your eye and see what Google search comes back with. Me I will continue to use this feature to help sort out my never-ending weeds in my garden. 

Technology is a fantastic thing; we just need to embrace it and learn how to use it to our advantage. If you need more information reach out to your local computer store or your IT support people.



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