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How can you protect your home network?

With the growing demand of technology at home there is the accumulation of devices which require access to your Wi-Fi network that goes along with it. 

Electronic devices like Smart TV’s, robotic vacuums, phones, security cameras, gaming consoles and more all connect to your homes Wi-Fi network. We have many other devices that also rely on this network which means these are all susceptible to a cyber-attack. Which could lead to data loss, identity theft, financial loss and privacy invasion.  

So you no longer have to just think of your computer anymore. You must think of all the other devices that now need protection on your home network as well.  Not only our devices need protection, we humans do as well. How many of you have been infected or been caught up surfing the net instead of finishing your chores or have children that don’t know when to take a break from technology. 

When you think about it all we rely a lot on technology and all of it needs to be kept up to date and configured to work in your home. How would you feel if there was an easy way to control it all and get back on top of it all? Well there is an easy solution that you can manage using an app on our phone or tablet. 

Trend Micro Home Network Security provides all of the protection you need and more. So with just a touch on your phone or tablet you can control your devices. 

You can take it one step further……..because not only do you need to protect your network and devices from ‘outsiders’, you also need to provide protection from anyone bringing a device in and connect to your home network. You can control all of this from your phone or tablet, you have the control of how devices can access your home Wi-Fi network.  

You can also schedule times/days when devices can connect to the internet. You can block certain content from being accessed and monitor what your devices are doing within your home and you don’t even have to be there. 

So, if you want to have more control over your home Wi-Fi network and increase your security why not look at the new Trend Micro Home Network Security device? It’s simple to setup and just plugs into your existing router. From there you can control your devices through the app on your phone or tablet.


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