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Is it safe to let someone remotely have access to my computer?

We have all heard the stories about scammers and fraudsters gaining access to computers and installing spyware, ransomware and even stealing our data. They may even go as far as to let the user watch the screen and or talk with the user as they go through the process. 

While this threat is very real, there are also exemptions to this. For example. If you have requested that your IT call you to help with an issue and they need to remote into your PC. That is reasonable. If you have received a call from your IT company to update your Anti-virus or other software’s this is also fine.   
However, If you have received a call from your bank, a telco, an antivirus company or even an IT company that you have never dealt with before.  
You need to put on the brakes. Take control and just say NO. If you have any suspicions don’t go ahead. As a general rule, If you wouldn’t let them Physically onto your computer then don’t let them remote in. 

If you ever have any doubt about the company, they should be VERY understandable if you would like to hang up and call them back to confirm that it is in fact the actual company remoting in. 

As always, we suggest you do a monthly back of your device as a minimum. That way if you do get caught out by something like this you will have a back up of all your precious photos, documents and memories. 


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