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Mac or Windows?

There are many clear differences between Mac OS X and Windows, and perhaps the most noticeable is that on OS X the menu bar is across the top of the screen, and stays at the top of the screen no matter which application is in use. In Windows, there is a menu bar in each application Window. 

Starting applications is similar in both operating systems, with Windows having the ability to put icons across the bottom on the menu bar. OS X utilises a similar menu known as “Dock”, which is also shown at the bottom of the screen and operates very similarly. 

There are some immediate differences, but in practise both operating systems are very similar to use. Because of this, the decision on which to choose may come down to any application compatibility requirements or existing software that may need to be used. 

However, there is good news on this front because almost all of the “online” applications - eg, Xero, Myob online, Google apps, Dropbox, Facebook etc will work exactly the same on both operating systems, so that’s much less of an issue than before. 

OS X is much less likely to get a Virus, but there are still Viruses out there, and you can’t get away without A/V protection, the same as Windows. 

So if you are looking at updating your computer any day soon, pop into our store to view the differences between Mac and Windows devices. Whatever you decide to purchase there is a device out there to suit your needs and budget. 


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