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New Windows 10 features

As most of you would be aware Microsoft recently pushed out new updates for your Windows 10 operating system on your computers. This update included some new features that we think are awesome. Read on for more information on what these are… 

Automatically Free up disk space – is your hard drive nearing capacity? Head to Settings > System > Storage and turn on Storage sense. This will enable Windows to automatically delete unused temporary files and files that have been in the recycle bin for more than 30 days.  

High DPI support – Have you upgraded your monitor to 4K? Do you find some applications still look blurry? If you right-click on the app and choose Properties > Click on the Compatibility tab and check the box for Override high DPI scaling behavior and then choose System (Enhanced) from the pull-down menu.  

New Reminders recurrence options – For those of you who aren’t currently utilizing Cortana, Cortana is quite helpful if you begin to explore the features that she has. For example, did you know that you can set reminders for yourself? There are two new options for Cortana Reminders, so you can now ask Cortana to remind you of something every month or every year. 

Night light for less blue light – If you have not heard of or used a blue light filter you may want to check out this feature. Because at night time our bodies natural clock kicks in. Staring at a blue light can alter this natural clock making your body think that it is still day time. And it may make it harder for when you do go to bed to get to sleep. Your phone may already have a way to switch to warmer colors at night (and you should use it!). Head to Settings > System > Display > Night light settings. You can schedule it to come on at sunset or manually set hours. You'll also find a new Night light button in the Action Center to toggle the setting on and off. 

Dynamic Lock: Have you ever wished that you could lock your PC as you walked away from it? 
This new feature means that you can do exactly that. Once you have paired your phone with your Windows device, when you are out of Bluetooth range your computer will automatically lock itself keeping your profile safe. While this is a great feature it does not help if someone jumps onto your pc before it locks. 
Compact Overlay: Some apps offer a picture-in-picture mode called Compact Overlay. This will mean that you can still watch your video or use skype over the top of other windows. 
Now while we think these new features are awesome there are others that are not mentioned. So why not have a look around at what other features you can find that may be useful to you.


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