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Not another Software update…

Many of you who have Windows 7 or 8 may have received a pop up on your computer from Microsoft asking you to reserve your upgrade to Windows 10. 

Windows 10 is going to be the new operating system on windows devices effective from 29th July 2015. 

What does this mean to you now, nothing unless you choose to upgrade to this new platform.  The main noticeable difference will be your home screen.  It will be a combination of Windows 8 tiles and the start bar down the bottom of your screen. 

Microsoft have also beefed up there built-in security to help keep you safe along with your own choice of anti-virus software you subscribe to. They have also created their own web browser ‘Microsoft Edge’. 

So whether you have a touch or non-touch device Microsoft have created a new platform to suit.  In my opinion touch devices will benefit the most due to the new functionalities but it will be easier for those of us with non-touch as you will only have one home screen to navigate. 

More information is available from the Microsoft website: 

Don’t hesitate to contact your local IT professional advice and or support. 


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