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Should you upgrade to Windows 10 now!

Firstly ask yourself “Do I really need to upgrade my computer to Windows 10?” 

What are the benefits of upgrading? 

  • new user interface to make it easier to navigate 

  • improved built-in security 

  • new web browser ‘Microsoft Edge’ enables you to write notes on the screen  

  • create virtual desktops to separate work from play 

  • improved Windows Store providing better app’s for your device 

The Windows 10 free upgrade is available for users to download for the next 12 months.  So you have a while to decide whether to upgrade or not.  Maybe you want to hold off to let them work out some bugs first then download later if your system is capable. 

Those who want to upgrade now should ensure that you have done the following beforehand: 

  • run a full backup of your device before updating to Windows 10.  

  • check your download limits on your internet account. The Windows 10 update is 3GB download so make sure you won’t go over your limit as your internet provider will charge accordingly 

  • you also need to ensure that your internet is of a capable speed so it doesn’t drop out midway 

  • you need to make sure your device is compatible for the upgrade. Check you model on the manufacturer’s website, I know Toshiba have this functionality available 

  • make sure you have run all the latest Microsoft updates on your device 

Once you have upgraded to Windows 10 you have 30 days to roll back to your previous setup.  It is important to have a backup of your device in case you wish to do this though. 

The main issue we are currently seeing and hearing about is compatibility, whether some of your programs won’t run or drivers have disappeared and needing to be downloaded again. 

Do not give out any credit card details over the phone to anyone claiming to be from Microsoft. If you receive a call like this please bring in your computer to be checked by a technician. It is possible for you to have an infection. 

If you have any concerns about updating your device to Windows 10 we recommend that you contact your local computer specialist and book it in with them to safely carry out the upgrade for you or alternatively go to

As always, if you need more advice, don’t hesitate to contact your local IT professional.


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