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Virus Warning – Cryptolocker

A variant of the Crypto Locker virus is doing its rounds again.  This virus attacks your files, documents, spread sheets and pictures, and is especially designed to attack businesses and small networks. 

We have seen a sharp increase in customers being affected by this very nasty virus or variants of it. Its latest form of attack is through .zip files attached to emails, in particular and overdue amount from AGL email. 

Once you have opened an infected file it will commencing “locking” your files in the background as you continue to stay logged into your computer.  Once it has completed “locking” all your files it will pop up with a window advising your data is encrypted and to click on a link to fix them. 

Once you files have been “locked” there is no way to retrieve them without paying their ransom.  This is not recommended as you are dealing with criminals and there is no guarantee that they will decrypt your data and not extort you further. At this point and time the only way to retrieve your data is from a clean backup. The best prevention to be effectively protected from this latest attack you should ensure that you: 

  • NEVER open ZIP files or executable documents that are unexpected. 

  • Don't open any attachments if you're not sure of their origin. 

  • Be suspicious of ALL emails (even from friends and colleagues). 

  • Make sure your Microsoft Windows Updates are done. 

  • Have an effective Antivirus or Malware program that is UP TO DATE. 

  • Do regular Backups and are checked to be WORKING regularly. Keep this disconnected from your computer to avoid infection. 

For more information please read the full warning provided by the Government Stay Smart service here.  

If you have concerns or want more information please don't hesitate to contact us  


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