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What is an antivirus and why is it so important?

We often get computers brought in with Malware, Viruses and even Cryptolocker style encryption. These sorts of issues can cause your computer to attack other computers on the internet, monitor everything you do and even steal your usernames and passwords. They can send out unauthorised emails, cause the system to be unstable and not boot and in the worst cases, can cause complete data loss. 

Any of these things can cause stress and have significant costs to get resolved. 

Which leads us to a question we get asked often, “Do I need Antivirus software?” OR “I have windows security is that not enough?” 

In short YES! You do need Antivirus. NO, Windows security is not enough. Windows security does keep some malware at bay, but it is not a complete solution, and will not protect you as much as a full blown Antivirus. 

We have mentioned before the Microsoft Security Essentials is a bit like locking your front door at home. It might give you a little peace of mind, however if you don’t lock the windows and back door, things can still get in. 

This is where the Antivirus steps in. They consistently update themselves to protect you against things that Microsoft security does not detect. Think of it as Shutting your windows and back door to protect you further. 

Antivirus is a crucial part your PC operation and should be added in with your costs when looking at a new device or at the servicing costs associated with any pc.


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