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What is Google drive? And how do I begin?

These days everyone always seems to have access to their photos and documents 24/7.  But how? 

Most commonly used is Google drive. Google drive is a file storage service in the cloud that synchronizes documents, photos videos and much more. This service enables users to share and edit content simultaneously and privately. And in some cases, replacing the need for an in-house server.  

For example, say you are stuck at home sick and need to send a document to a colleague to get a signature or to proof read. You can upload it to the google drive and send the link to your colleague where you can both then view and edit the document at the same time. You can also leave each other comments. 

So, if you like to share your photos with family and friends outside of the prying eyes of social media, you can upload your photos to your Google Drive and share with those you want to see them. Great if you have people interstate or overseas. 

One of the many benefits to Google Drive is that it can be used on a computer, laptop, tablet and phone. It is also compatible with Windows/Apple and Android.  This enables you to view your work anytime and anywhere.  Also, if you find yourself worrying about losing your data you can set up an automatic backup for your device, relieving the stress of lost data. 

Currently you can store up to 15GB free with plans available to increase the storage amount as required. 

So now you know of a way you can access and share your documents and pictures safely. No more restrictions on being able to work anywhere. 


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