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Why do I have to run Windows updates?

Everyone asks about Windows Updates, why do they take so long and why do we need them? 

Windows Updates are additions to your Microsoft software that can help prevent or fix problems and plug holes in your security. They can also improve how your computer works, or enhance your computing experience.  These run on your computer after you have selected shut down, restart or you have not postponed the automatic updater. 

These updates take time to install onto your computer and require the internet to download. Whether it be a single large file or several smaller ones. They all take time to download and install. So do as the computer suggests. Do not turn off and do not unplug your machine. To find if there are any updates due to run on your computer - Open Windows Update if they do not automatically appear by clicking the Start button OR you can use your search box, type “Update”, and then, in the list of results, click Windows Update, in the left pane, click Check for updates.  

These updates are released by Microsoft the second Tuesday of each month, otherwise known as ‘Patch Tuesday’. There are occasionally other dates that Microsoft release security updates immediately if there is a security flaw present in the windows systems.  Windows 8 gives a three days grace period for updates if you do not power down your computer. After this a prompt will pop up in the right hand side of your screen allowing you to postpone the restart and install of updates. 

Whatever you do, do not disable windows updates completely, they are crucial to the health of your operating system and to help stay safe and secure online. 

If you are running Windows 8 on your computer we advise that you regularly opt to do a restart on your computer as shutting down your computer really only hibernates it.  To ensure the updates are applied, you really need to do a “Restart” every now and then. 

Contact your local computer store to book your computer in for a check up to make sure your updates are running properly enabling your computer to run at its maximum capacity. 


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