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Windows 10 free upgrade ending soon! But should you implement it?

With windows 10’s free upgrade ending on the 29/07/2016 we have been hearing allot that people are unsure whether they should upgrade or not. 

If you have an older device it’s most likely not a great idea to do the upgrade as the software is not always compatible with the hardware of your device. If you do, don’t fret if it wreaks havoc on the system. You can roll it back within 30 days. You may need to download new drivers for linked items such as printers and scanners if all goes well though. 

The main thing to think about is backing up your data before updating to windows 10. Nothing worse than having a glitch and losing some data in the process. 

You also do not need a Microsoft account like you did with windows 8 which makes upgrading from 7 to 10 easy with your current email address instead of having to create a whole new one. 

Virtual desktops are great for the multi tasker in all of us. Imagine you work from home, but the children use the pc also. No need for a second log in just jump into another desktop and away they go. Like they have used their own log in, but you can check up on them later. 

While windows 10 will need to be purchased for any future systems and after the free upgrade ends. It will no longer be transferrable from device to device. Unlike windows 7, and 8 which could be moved from one device to another with the activation key. 

Most of the bugs have been ironed out now so why not try it?


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