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Winter has well and truly begun

Winter has well and truly begun and, before the massive storms and power outages hit, it is a good idea to review what would need power in your home as well as what would happen if the power was to go out. 

Your mobile phones, tablets, computers and servers all may be affected if the power was to surge or blackout. 

What should you look out to protect your deceives and data? 

There are two options available today that can help in the event of a power surge or a black out.  

Those are surge protecting power boards and UPS protectors. 

Surge protecting power boards protect the items plugged into the board by powering off if electricity input spikes or gets too high.  


You can get a surge protecting power board from a hardware store, electrical shop or your local computer store. Computers, as well as many other devices in your home have micro-processors  - even a 10 Volt fluctuation can disrupt the proper function of the device. You should always have devices plugged into surge protected boards.  

A UPS or an uninterruptible power supply is a device that has a built in battery storage which allows the device plugged into it to keep running for a short time when the primary power source is lost. It also provides protection from power surges, so it is a two in one product. 

What should you use to charge your portable devices if they require charging? 
There are many different power banks on the market today that can help you in an emergency. We however love the look of the Sprout Portable power bank. It’s slim enough to be carried around in your bag for general use but also has enough juice for two devices to charge simultaneously if needed. 

No one likes a power outage and no one can predict when one will happen but being prepared is the best thing to do this winter. 


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