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Need more screen space?

You have a smart watch, mobile phone, tablet and computer. All for different purposes and situations throughout the day.

I have all the above and the benefit of dual screens at my workplace. Out of all these de-vices the one easiest on my eyes is my dual screens. It could be due to the different type of work I am carrying out, as when I recently had to work from home I really missed not having that extra screen.

I was lucky enough to setup my iPad Pro to work as an additional touch screen at home which got me through have more screen space overall when on the internet.

So, did you or do you still have this same issue? Well it is quite an easy fix these days.

1. Upgrade your current screen at home to a large size if the space will allow it

2. Setup your tablet device, like I did, for quick internet browsing or banking tasks.

3. Connect your device to the TV – this is great if you are on your own but not if you share the one device.

4. Purchase a second screen.

a. If you have a desktop you need to potentially add an additional piece of hard-ware to your computer box to enable you to plug in dual screens

b. If you have a notebook there are a few ways you can connect to a second screen

1. Standard monitor that you connect via suitable cable from your notebook to your new monitor

2. Plug a monitor into a dock – a dock is an external device that has multiple ports allowing you to unplug your notebook quickly via one cable. Your notebook can have keyboard/mouse/external DVD drive/power all going through this dock. So one cable to disconnect comes is handy.

3. Monitor with built in dock – this is like option 2 above but the dock is built into the back of the monitor. Much tidier options for those who like a clean and uncluttered (yukky cable tucked away) workspace.

If you go for a dual screen option you can change the settings on your computers to enable it to ‘Duplicate Displays’ or ‘Extend Displays’. This means you can work with one larger screen or split your screen so two have workspace to use. If you own a notebook you will have a function key you can click on to enable this feature.

So don’t keep squinting at your smaller screens or having soooo many tabs you can’t tell which one is which. Invest in a larger screen or even better a second screen. Trust me you won’t want to go back one you change up.


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