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Preparing to work from home 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, it's likely that we will all be required to self-isolate and Work From Home (WFH).  

The good news is that the transition to cloud-based infrastructure means that WFH is now quite realistic for a lot of people, but there are a few things that might need to be in place first, depending on your work provider.  

  • A functioning computer at home, preferably Windows 10, faster is better, but at least working.  

  • Check your home internet plan, make sure you have data limits to cover any additional load from working from home. 

  • Your workplace has secure VPN connections setup and tested.  

  • A way to communicate with other employees. eg Phone and some sort of Chat application like Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. You may need headphones with a microphone for Chat applications. 

  • A central, secure password storage system.  

  • Coffee/Tea, you have to be able to have your favorite brew.  

  • Have an area of the house that you commute to for work, and once there, be in work mode.  

These things will be needed, so check that you are setup and ready to WFH. Start the conversation with your workplace now.  

Please keep in mind that due to Work Health Safety Regulations your workplace may need to ensure you will be working in a safe and ergonomic environment. I am sure they will assist where they can to ensure you can continue to work and get paid. 

Also communicate with your family or house mates so there is a clear understanding of work time and down time whilst at home. WFH can be challenging at the start but I believe everyone wins in the end. 


Use these details to let us know how we are doing on social networks.