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Tech Gadget for 2021

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had the chance to catch up with family and friends.  

At the beginning of each year the tech industry has a big conference where “Brand Names” can release their new products and prototypes. 

This year due to Covid-19 they couldn’t congregate in Las Vegas, they had to utilise technology and go virtual. 

They are currently in the middle of this global even and so far there has been some great announcements.  

First off the rank is electric vehicles, and there will be many coming our way in 2021 along with charger stations for your home. Sono Motors Sion electric minivan (built in Saab’s former factory) is covered with 248 polymer-coated pucks (solar panels). First to be released with this technology on all panels not just the roof. This is only new and in Europe only for now.  

Skoog Cube is a new product launched to help kids with disabilities. It is designed to enable them to express themselves through music. It is a sensory cube not requiring them to use a tablet or computer to operate. Parents can control this cube with an app, it is recommended from 3 y.o.  

Moen is a faucet manufacturer and they have presented a water security system. It can control your water flow when paired with their Flo System. It will monitor your water flow, temperature and pressure and can shut off your water if it detects something is amiss. Great idea to help stop flooding when water is becoming so precious. 

On the topic of saving water, L’Oreal is getting on the band wagon and built a water saving shower head. It can be used both in home and at salons, and is designed to help reduce water usage by 80%. For salons you can use an add-on that will infuse products when used, however this option is 18 months away from release. 

Last but not least – for now, it wouldn’t be complete without someone releasing a tech smart face mask. Halo, have created a AirPop Active+ Smart Mask which will monitor the air quality and tell you what pollutants have been filtered out and when that filter needs to be changed. It will also monitor your breaths per minute and all visible via a phone app. 

I could keep going but these are the ones that jumped out to me so far. With the worldwide lock downs and people having the ability to work from home our brains are functioning on a different level. I’m sure many of you have come up with your own inventive ideas over the past 12 months as we all try to navigate our world going forward. 

If you want to know more about what technology is going to do next search Google for CES 2021. There are  a lot of independent reviews online and lots of great new and some not so great products about to be released or go to the production lines.  

Happy New Year to you all and we hope 2021 brings new adventures for you.  

Please post on our facebook page iseek computing what new tech gadget you are most looking forward to coming to Australia in 201😊 



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