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Tips to maximise your computer

We are all becoming more time poor so we are looking for ways to maximise what we do while we are awake. 

If you use a computer daily you want to make sure you are utilising your time effectively. Here a few quick tips to help you maximise your computer: 

  1. Speed up your performance on your computer by changing your power settings. Most default to ‘Power Saver’ mode to save energy. If you are using a notebook is is easy, just click on your battery icon right hand bottom corner and move the bar left or right depending on what you want to get from your computer. A desktop computer hold down the windows key and X key and you will get a menu which you will see power options, once in there you can modify various things to suit your needs 

  1. If your computer is slow to start up it could be because you have unwanted programs starting up as well when you turn it on. Launch your ‘Task Manager’ by clicking on Ctrl-Shift-Esc In the window that pops up you will see a tab called ‘Startup’ if you look in there you will see what your computer is asked to open. We don’t generally recommend people playing around with things in the ‘Task Manager’ unless you are confident in what you do. If you delete the wrong thing it will affect your computer software from running properly. If you do see things in there you don’t want then maybe book your device in with a qualified tech to help you out. 

  1. You can also turn off ‘Windows tips and tricks’ if that is still popping up on your device. To do this click the Start button, select the Settings icon then go to System > Notifications & actions. Scroll down to the Notifications section and uncheck the box marked ‘Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.’ 

  1. Check if your hard drive is getting full as this can slow down your computer or stop it from functioning altogether. Windows 10 has a built-in feature that enable your computer to keep your hard drive clean of unwanted junk, its called ‘Storage Sense’ you can turn this on or off by clicking on your start icon, bottom left corner then type ‘storage’ under that you will see where you can turn this feature on or off. You will also be able to see how full your hard drive is and decide if you should upgrade to more space or time to get a new computer. 

  1. You can also utilise Windows 10 ‘Windows Maintenance’ tool to make sure your device is up to date and performing as it should be. This tool will automatically fix things for you as you work. To turn this on click on the start icon, bottom left of screen, type maintenance and select ‘Security and Maintenance’ Have a look through the options and you might be surprised how much Windows 10 is doing for you in the background. 

These are just a few tips not provided to the readers before. There are lots of interesting tips and tricks within your devices its just a matter of looking for them. Try asking ‘Google’ next time you get stuck. Remember thought, rule of thumb with playing around with technology is “Don’t do something you aren’t confident of the results” We see quite a few devices where people have removed or changed things they didn’t really understand at the time. If you aren’t sure then visit your local Computer store and have them fix it confidently for you. 

Technology is a fantastic thing; we just need to embrace it and learn how to use it to our advantage.  


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