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What is Airplane mode, and why is it so important?

If you have been on a flight recently, you would have been asked to turn all devices into airplane mode. 

But what does airplane mode do exactly?  

Airplane mode is a setting on your mobile, tablet or notebook, that turns off the radio transmitters in the device. Meaning that you are no longer able to access Wi-Fi, send or receive text messages, access 3G or 4G location services and make phone calls. It can also be called offline mode, standalone mode or flight mode. 

The reason we are asked to turn this setting on is to prevent the radio waves being transmitted. 

Why? To prevent interference with the plane's onboard communications. Which is always critical in flights to communicate take off’s and landings. And all other safety information. 

Some airlines have begun to allow Wi-Fi to be turned on during your flight. Even providing some free Wi-Fi on board. This comes in handy when you are communicating via email, what’s app or messenger with colleagues, friends and family. 

Some people choose to switch Airplane mode on during the evenings as to not be disturbed with notifications from text, call, updates or social media. 

Others use Airplane mode overseas to ensure they don’t accumulate a large bill upon their return. Choosing to use only Wi-Fi when able. (Note: we DO NOT recommend this for banking or any other sensitive websites.) 

However you chose to use airplane mode is up to you, we personally like to use it so we can get some sleep at night time and down time from IT!



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