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What device do you really need?

What do you use your computer for? Do you mix your devices between work and pleasure? Do you really need multiple devices? 

I have Apple products for personal use and window computers for work. I chose this mix due to ease of use and sharing of my personal apps.  My iWatch helps me monitor my messages and calls during the day along with my personal health and fitness. I use my iPhone during the day for emails, banking, notes, social media and my calendar. I use my iPad Pro mostly at night when I am sitting down and catching up on social media, emails and googling.  

For work I use a Windows desktop with two monitors and a Windows touch all-in-one at home. These both have wireless keyboard/mouse and I love being able to work with multiple programs open simultaneously. 

So as I write this, I question do we all really need to have all these electronic devices to get us through the day? What is the purpose of each type and am I using the best one? 

Well let me help you choose the best device for your tasks: 

Smart phone: these are a necessity in today’s world, it is the way we communicate now especially with the introduction on NBN. These smart devices are great for phone calls, emails/calendar, maps, banking , photos and games/social media.  

Tablet: these devices vary in operating systems and size. They mostly run using  apps. We generally use tablets to make it easier to see your screen and to expand on the functions you want to do on these devices. You can make calls using Apps like FaceTime and Google Talk but your contact needs to also have the app. Having a larger screen does make it easier to multi task and opens up the opportunities to be more creative, productive and fun. Tablets can replace your computer, especially if you are using it the same as your smart phone, but want the capability of stepping up to creating documents or editing pics/videos. Tablets are a capable social or business device. 

Computers: whether it be a notebook, All-in-one or desktop, these devices are made for work. These devices definitely have the scale ability to run specific programs and power to process the functions required to complete your work. These devices offer flexibility and greater comfort over long term use. You can also network your devices and upgrade them as you grow. If you are wanting greater processing power to work but like touch capability and portability, look at the 2 in 1 devices that can offer the best of both worlds. There are a lot of programs that run on computers and a desktop would be the best fit for you. 

So depending on what you are using your device for you may be able to cull your devices or it may be time to upgrade to get the device that best suits your needs. Your device should be working for you and making your life easier. 


Use these details to let us know how we are doing on social networks.