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What is Home Automation?

So you may have heard about or seen adverts on tv for home automation, but what is it and can you achieve it? 

Well have you ever wished: 

  •  that you could come home and have the house temperature just as you like it? 

  • coming home to a hot dinner ready to go? (without a servant) 

  • would you like to be able to turn the lights on via voice activation when you come home late with an armful of groceries 

  • change the colour of the lights depending on your mood?  

  • Or just want to amaze your friends with how tech savvy you are, by simply talking to your computers? 

All these home automation tasks are achievable right now, we do it all the time ourselves. 


ow is it done I hear you ask. Well it’s done using IoT (Internet of Things) style devices. These are some of the devices we use at home to achieve the above home automation functions: 

  1. Sensibo air conditioner controller. Links to your local WiFi and your air conditioner through infrared. Simply install the mobile phone app that allows turning the aircon on, off, scheduling and more. You will never come home to a hot house again! 

  1. Belkin Wemo switch. This device links to your local WiFi and provides an internet connected power point, so you can pre-set your slow cooker and then turn it on remotely.  

  1. TP Link smart light globe. This globe has WiFi built into it providing an internet connected light that has thousands of color options.  

But these devices are only part of the equation. They all have their own apps, and controlling them separately is a bit annoying. Luckily, Google Home lets you connect many of these style devices together, and then control things using google. 

The Google Home works when in your house and talking directly to it, or when using Google Home on your phone from anywhere. 

You DON’T have to build a new home to achieve home automation. There are lots products out there that can let you simplify your life at home or work, the possibilities are endless once you start thinking about it. 

So why don’t you take a walk around your home and write a list of what you would like to automate. Take advantage of technology and simplify your life in 2019.


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