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Why should you increase your RAM

During the years there have been recommendations made for people to ‘Upgrade the RAM’ in their computers. This can be done most of the time. But why would you want do this? 

Why, well as computers age the likely hood of the RAM being the issue diminishes. As does the upgradability of the RAM. The benefits of a memory upgrade can depend upon how you use your computer.  

For example, if you are a multi-tasker. You may find that as soon as you open one thing and then the next, and the next, etc, that your speed when changing from program to program starts to be delayed. Meaning that your multi-tasking capabilities are dramatically reduced. So you just end up getting frustrated at your computer rather than using it for what you needed to. 

You may also find that websites start to load slower. Meaning that Facebook video that is more than likely HILARIOUS ☺ loads slower than old dial up internet. Rendering the punchline worthless as you struggle to sit through the buffering period. 

If you are a gamer, you already should know that the more RAM the better. 😉 

Finally, you may find some programs need more RAM to just perform. For example, Adobe requires min 4GB RAM (with 8GB Recommended) and Office programs require 2GB minimum of RAM each. Combine that with the 1 or 2GB needed for Google Chrome. Combine all these at the same time and you may find that subsequent programs required will struggle to run on your device. 

We generally recommend minimum of 4GB RAM is adequate for a basic home user. That will cover simple computing tasks without too much speed compromise. Anything more and we recommend that you jump to 8GB RAM. Combine the 8GB RAM with an i3 or above processor and an SSD and you will have a very decent machine speed wise. 


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