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Working from home.

Once you have confirmed that your setup works ok, it's time for the new experience of Working From Home (WFH). In order to work well, here are some guidelines.   

  • Start early, get up and get ready as you normally would.  

  • Do get dressed, staying in your favourite PJ’s may be comfy however your mind won’t click into work mode.  

  • Coffee/Tea, if you have a ritual, don't skip it, if you are used to a caffeine boost, skipping it can give headaches.  

  • Then dive right in instead of commuting to the office. That quiet time first thing when you can get stuff done just got a bit longer and you can achieve a lot, quickly.  

  • Do take breaks. Go for a walk outside. Play with your pets/kids.  

  • The temptation to do washing, dishes, vacuum may be there, but it’s often a sign that a difficult task is next on your list and you are just avoiding it. Instead, tackle it head on and you will have a great sense of achievement.  

  • Talk to co-workers via phone or chat to ensure things keep moving.  

  • There are many ways to video chat, some of the best are:  

  • Zoom –  

  • Slack –  

  • Google hangouts -  

  • Microsoft Teams –  

  • Set yourself a goal for the day so you stay on track.  

  • Some people may need to record their time so have a timer app ready to click when you are working. Eg: 

Most of all don’t panic, communicate with your employer and co-workers and soon you will get the swing of things…….then you won’t want to actually return to your old office 😊 


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