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Do you need to service your computer?

Simple answer, YES.

Why do you need to service your computer, well over time your computer will store files and install applications and start to clutter up your device making it run slower. Not only do you need to maintain the software side of your device you also need to maintain your hardware within your device.

So, from a hardware point of view, your device is a dust magnet so it will collect dust/hair/etc through the vents. This debris will settle on the fans potentially making your device start to run hot. It is good to have these cleaned out; you cannot use any metal equipment to do this as you don’t want to zap your internal parts. Best to leave this to the experts as they will also look at reseating your CPU, ram and check your internal cables are all ok as well. Your hard drive/s should also be checked to make sure they are still functioning as they should.

That covers the basics of an internal hardware service, now for the software service.

Well you should check over your device regularly, but it you struggle to find the time at least annually to stay on top of it all.

You should clean out your temp files, download files, internet browser history and any other files you may have saved that you no longer need. This will help keep your hard drive clear of data clutter. You should also do a deep clean with your anti-virus software to help remove any malware or add-ons that may have crept into your system. You should also check and run any updates both Windows/Mac or manufacturer. Once you have done all this we recommend that you do a ‘Restart’ on your computer – not a shut down or hold down the power button or close the lid. This will ensure any changes will be applied to your computer.

There are other things that a computer professional will do and potentially pick up when they do a service. Their goal is to optimise your system and ensure it is ready to tackle another year with you.

So think about how much you rely on your computer the same as you would rely on your car or mobile phone. ALL these should be kept in tip top shape, so you don’t get caught out if something goes wrong.



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